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Digital Technologies and Advanced Analytics are rapidly transforming Engineering Practices globally. From Complex System Engineering to Capital Infrastructure Projects, the benefits are realized across various fronts:

  • Project Quality:   Optimize the satisfaction of client's and users' expectations with a continuous improvement of the offer.
  • Project CAPEX:  The process of budget planning and control of capital expenditures to support all projects.
  • Time to Delivery:  Identify all the steps and project activities and associate them with a calendar that measures key dates used to track the progress of work.
  • Ongoing OPEX:  The process requiring continuous and systematic cost management of the operating expenses required to carry out the activities.

Arqitek brings unique expertise to plan and realise the Digital Engineering promise in Capital Infrastructure Projects.


Requirements management is at the heart of the success of Capital Engineering. Using next-generation Technologies (i.e. IBM Continuous Engineering CLM and DoorsNG) Arqitek enables Digital Requirement Management, such that all requirement and dependent practices are digitalised:

  • Risks, Hazards, Control Actions Management
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Standards, Guidelines and Policies Management
  • Interface and Dependencies Management


Delivery assurance in Capital Engineering underpins the relationship between the Employer, Engineer and Contractor. Arqitek provides advisory and solutions to enhance Digital Insight on the linkage, and traceability to enable pro-active Compliance Management:

  • V Lifecycle: Real-time insight throughout the Engineering Lifecycle
  • Deep-level Linkage: Systematic traceability within and across phases
  • Verification: Delivery assurance from one phase to the next
  • Validation: Quality assurance true test reconciliation


Data from a variety of sources is collected, reviewed and analyzed to form a critical element in the organization of complex capital engineering projects. Arqitek offers data analysis solutions to gain visibility and control over all of its activities. The process also enhances coordination to enable agile  Capital Engineering management.

  • IT & OT Convergence: Harmonization between operational and business data. 
  • Interoperability: Combines the use of standards, formats and computer protocols. 
  • Data Architecture: A data and analysis platform with hybrid and fluid architecture. 


Industry 4.0 is a revolutionary approach to manufacturing techniques that will push global manufacturers to a new level of optimization and productivity. Arqitek provides solutions for live data collection, analysis, and enhanced decision-making.

  • Interoperability: Objects, machines & people communicate through the IoT &  IoP.
  • Virtualization: Simulate & create a virtual copy of the real world.
  • Decentralisation: Flexible environment for production
  • Real-Time Capability: Smart objects able to identify the defect & re-delegate tasks to other operating machines.
  • Service Orientation: Production is customer-oriented
  • Modularity: Smart Factories ability to adapt to a new market is essential.


Technology can enable intelligent and innovative connected devices to broadcast continuous data on its life cycle as a digital twin. Arqitek offers solutions for the digitization of the physical machine into a 3D replica in a virtual space in real time transmitting its current state with all the features.

  • Anticipations of operations
  • Live Data
  • Find hidden interdependencies
  • Recommend optimal steps of intervention
  • Recalibrate and predict future outcomes

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