How Does Qatalyst Facilitate Organizational Transformation?

Author: Rahul Fazil - Business Architect

Transformation is no longer a one time program. Digital pressures impose continuous adaptation to changing market reality. Just like a CRM or ERP, every organisation needs a TMP (Transformation Management Platform) to automate transformation. Arqitek Qatalyst is the world first TMP to manage and accelerate your Digital Transformation.

The State of Transformation

Digital transformation is trending across the business world. Surveys conducted by Gartner and Forrester confirm this observation that investment in digital transformation is booming. In 2019 alone, more than $1 trillion was spent worldwide on specific digital transformation projects and by 2021 that number is projected to double to about $2.1 trillion.

Digital transformation — with its systematic call to digitize work — is without question the way of the future.

Yet, the vast majority of organizational change efforts fail…

Estimates vary, but failure rates range from 60 to 80 percent and don’t seem to improve over time. And when it comes to digital transformations, recent research suggests that a paltry five percent meet or exceed expectations.

Why? Because those tasked with executing digital transformations don’t recognize the challenges associated with creating change in large, complex organizations. Our research isolated four major reasons that lead to the failure of your digital transformation program.

  • Organizational Silos leading to insufficient collaboration, integration, sourcing or project management
  • Non-Strategic digital endeavors driven by technology trends as opposed to business needs
  • No clear view or monitoring of transformation progress and targets after the launch of initiatives
  • Multiple transformation designs each deploying individual digital solutions, with no innovation and integration with the rest of the enterprise.

Digital transformation is not just adding new technologies to the business. Delving straight into adding technologies without proper strategic planning can lead to misalignment of strategic objectives. Organizations need to take a holistic approach to digital transformation that encompasses strategy, business process, and the IT landscape as a whole. 

Holistic Digital Transformation through Transformation Management Platforms (TMP)

Transformation Management Platforms are a new class of business solutions designed to analyze, plan, oversee and govern digital transformation programs.  In large organizations which struggle with an end-to-end visibility of various projects happening within the organization, TMPs advance alignment, agility and assurance. Moreover, the platform will ensure that your transformation projects are specifically based on your organization’s specific and demands and not a replica of what was applicable for another business.

Qatalyst – A Transformation Management Platform from Arqitek

Qatalyst is an integrated Transformation Management Platform based on industry leading practices to design and streamline your digital programs. It combines organizational architecture, business model and operations into a single platform.

The fully integrated platform gives you the visibility and tools you need to improve decision-making and navigate change towards digital in a disruptive environment – with a sharp focus on your business needs.

The platform is built from the ground up to provide flexible, scalable, and fully-integrated solution that you can deploy on premise or on the cloud according to your company’s needs.

Qatalyst Concept

Qatalyst is built on an architecture driven framework that can lay the groundwork for – and capitalize on – digital transformation initiatives. The platform has been developed based on concepts of Baselining, Benchmarking and Growth Analytics to mature Digital Transformation into an enterprise-wide movement.

Data & Digital Twin: With digital capabilities defining the success or failure of any digital transformation, it is important to gain a good understanding of how your company already leverages digital technology. Qatalyst helps construct a digital twin of the organization based on the data captured from organizational sources.

Design & Benchmarking: Digital Benchmarking is essential to understand the organizational capability strengths and gaps against external best practice and internal comparisons. maturing into an enterprise-wide movement. Such an analysis with help enabling transformation initiatives to be prioritized that will create fundamental impact. The Qatalyst repository is based on this concept to capture the organizational artifacts to serve as a single source of truth. The repository will enable data aggregation for benchmarking and design.

Insight & Analytics: Advanced analytics, a boundless supply of data and new machine-augmented capabilities are creating entirely new opportunities for organizations to compete in an age of transformation. The platform promotes employee engagement and monitors transformation program progress through performance indicators enabling executive to make real-time decisions.

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