Digital ALM

End-to-End control of Technology across the Enterprise.

With the rise in Digital Transformation in the past 5 years, the rate of technology implementation is rapidly increasing. Solutions are being deployed in an attempt to automate manual processes, without throughly understanding the underlying business needs that require fulfilment. Failure in implementation and even adoption of the solution can lead to major losses and reduce the business' trust in the IT Department.

Digital ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) seeks to enforce a standard process for acquiring, maintaining, and retiring technology across the enterprise. The process has been defined to ensure that the end-to-end lifecycle of the solution is implemented in alignment with the end-user needs and specifications. Arqitek offers a unique approach to automating your ALM capabilities, while ensuring all impacted stakeholders are identified and managed throughout the lifecycle. We adopt an approach that is tailor made and unique to each of our customers, to ensure maximum return on investment and growth.